eDocument presentment

Leveraging the data will be utilized and increased its lead generation. Leads are the qualified prospects who can become our customers. One of the solutions is the APIs Connection that can help to be blend with other elements such as information or data, transaction.

  • Krungsri will digitally sign on generated e-Tax Invoice / e-Receipt and deliver these documents to your partners and Revenue department within minutes via channel you prefer.

  • Ensure trading confidentiality with an option to encrypt documents with password and receiver verification via OTP.

  • Document will be securely stored at least 5 years (Revenue Department standard) and ready to be reissued 24/7.

    Advantages of using e-Tax invoice



Use case for eDocument presentment

Generate e-Tax Invoice / e-Receipt for real-time transaction via eCommerce, ePayment or other online platform.

  • Seller send generate document instruction

  • Krungsri generates, stamps digital signature and stores this eDocument according to TSP standard

  • Krungsri sends PDF document to Buyer as instructed and submits XML document to Revenue Department


  1. Partner’s user requests for a document issuing with specific document information (e.g. document type, password, payer-payee, seller-buyer information, … etc.), file format and document recipient(s)
  2. Partner application verifies eligibility of instruction and sends a document generation request with specific detail.
  3. Krungsri API validates completeness of input information which may result in following scenarios.
  4. Success: “documentReferenceNumber” will be responsed to be referred to this document
    Fail: Error will be returned. Resubmitting is required with complete information.
  5. Partner application save responsed “documentReferenceNumber” for further process.
  6. Krungsri API callbacks with generated document in response message. Partner application could save the document on file server, update document status and/or display the document to user.
  7. Generated document will be sent to recipient(s) via specified channels. (e.g. SMS, email)
  1. Partner could send a document retrieval request with received DocumentReferenceNumber to retrieve a specific generated document.
  2. Krungsri API will validate the instruction and return document.
  3. Krungsri API will respond with requested document.
  1. Partner’s partner (recipient) could send a request to partner’s user for specific document they have not received.
  2. Partner’s user could verify the request and submit request for a resending.
  3. Partner application sends a document reissue request with received DocumentReferenceNumber to resend a specific generated document to stated recipient(s)
  4. Krungsri API will validate the instruction and resend requested document to indicated recipient(s).
  5. Krungsri API responds the result.​

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