Direct Debit Registration

In order for Krungsri to process financial instruction on deposited fund of your customer, a consent must be acquired in ensuring that customer allows such action from external party. Krungsri has a microsite that can be integrated into your application which allowing end-user to interact directly with Krungsri. End-user will be presented with the required term & condition and verifications before directing back to you.

• Use Case: Obtaining end-user consent

Recurring transaction is a common feature for an application to have but sometimes bank’s regulation will require a consent from customer in ensuring customer allows the bank to process financial instruction from external party. Krungsri provides a microservice which will return HTML content through API that can be displayed on your application and process at server side.

High level steps:
   1) Prepare OAuth context and verifier after challenge completion
   2) Proceed with returned HTML content and obtain authorization code
   3) Received tokenized account number in return for future use in financial transaction with Krungsri

• Related API


Seq No. API Name API Endpoints
AAuthentication - Register additional oauth 2.0 contextPOST /rest/api/v1/authorization/prepareOAuthContext
BAuthentication - Retrieve Authorized OAuth 2.0 InformationPOST /rest/api/v1/authorization/retrieveAuthorizedOAuthData

Technical Details

HTML contents will be provided for an application to display for end-user and parameters will be passed in the request since Krungsri microservice is designed to be stateless. There will be a validation at our gateway in making sure that each call has the right state and required claims that are included. Read more.