Bill Payment

The Bill Payment Online API is service to accept bill payment or provide top-up service. The biller could the verification of accuracy of reference number, the amount of payment and other conditions before account debit. After payment is successfully made, the system will notify the payer and the biller of the payment result on a real-time basis.

Use Case for Bill Payment

High level flow:
  • Payer generates request transaction.
  • Validation will take place which may include input fields, payer, and biller information validation. If transaction fails at this step, information will not be recorded in the system.
  • Instruction will be sent to backend system for initiating a transaction with biller.
    • If initiation is successful, a paymentReferenceIdentification will be provided as a unique reference for this transaction. An Inquiry API can be called from this point onwards to fetch transaction status.
    • If initiation fails, an error code and description will be returned for reference.
              Bill Payment Transaction Reversal 
  • An instruction will be submitted for reversal, biller will receive an instruction and process accordingly.
  • No response will be required, only http status will be taken for determining it the call is successful or not.
              Transaction Inquiry 
  • An inquiry API can be used to inquire transaction status
              QR Verification Transaction 
  • A QR string may be submitted for validating a transaction status.
  • QR string format validation will determine if it is a transaction verification, and correct as per pull-slip standard.
  • An instruction will be submitted to Krungsri backend system for retrieving transaction information.
  • Information will be returned as API response for further use.
              Bill Payment File Reconcile 
  • A call will be made to designated endpoint provided by partner’s system.
  • A call will have file be included in the request for further use.
  • No response will be required, only http status will be taken for determining it the call is successful or not.

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Technical Detail

Sample of request message can be as following
Request parameter

paymentReferenceIdentification Unique payment reference identification, as assigned by Krungsri, to identify the bill payment transaction
transactionDatetime Date and time of the transaction
annotation  Extra information for a financial instruction. It can be a note or comment added to a transaction
payerInformation.accountNumber  Payer account number
payerInformation.accountName Payer account name
billPaymentInformation.amount Bill payment amount. For the request, amount is required
billPaymentInformation.billReference1 Bill reference 1. Applicable and required if billerIdentification is provided
billPaymentInformation.billReference2 Bill reference 2. Applicable and required if billerIdentification is provided
Sample request
  "paymentReferenceIdentification": "
  "transactionDatetime": "
  "annotation ": "
Free text",
  "payerInformation": {
    "accountNumber": "1111005999",
    "accountName": "TBC"
  "billPaymentInformation": {
    "amount": 2000,
    "billReference1": "reference 1",
    "billReference2": "reference 2"