If your application has to store customer information for financial services such as bank account number; Krungsri also provides you with the capability in having that information be tokenized and securely stored at Krungsri. The provided token can be securely stored and used in place of real value where such information is needed.

• Use Case: Securely store customer information

Recurring transaction is a common feature for an application to have, and Krungsri can provide you a simple way to make it happen. After you validate the ownership and correctness of information used for financial transaction, such as Krungsri bank account or credit card number, you can call an API provided to have that information be tokenized. The token that we provide back can be stored for future use without a link to its actual value and leave it for Krungsri to handle when you make future transaction.

High level steps:
   1) Application verifies identity and ownership of the data before submitting to Krungsri.
   2) Application then submits data for tokenization through provided API. Please refer to more details below

• Related API


Seq No. API Name API Endpoints
ATokenization (Generate Token)POST /rest/api/v1/businessSupport/tokenization/generation

Technical Details

As default API will return a token as a set of random characters in UUID format which does not represent any relationship between token and its actual value. Its validity will be set at 60 days; you can specify otherwise by assigning a specific expiry datetime of your choice.