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KMA Push Payment

 “KMA Push Payment '' is a technology for sending notifications. For the recipient to do the transaction To pay for goods. It works like an application that can send notifications directly to other applications. For example, the shopping cart app can send a notification message to the customer's device to open the bank app. Direct payment and can keep the notification message in the notification menu for postpay payment .


Pay with KMA

Make a Pay is an easy and quick way to make a payment. One of the solution is Pay with KMA; a seamless purchasing goods & services via your mobile application deep-linked to Krungsri Mobile Application (KMA) through API standard system. Merchant application can call directly to the KMA app. For example, shopping cart app can call the KMA app to the payment page directly. It’s easy for shopper to make a payment with a few steps.


PromptPay Alert

"PromptPay Alert'' is a technology for sending and receiving notifications to pay. Biller can use their PromptPay ID to send notification to recipient. Once receives by recipient, a transaction can be made using their PromptPay ID as well. For example, shopping cart application can send notification using their PromptPay ID to the customer's registered PromptPay ID and device with preferred bank application. Payment can then be made by customer right away, or save for later before message becomes expired for postpay payment.


Lead Submission

Leveraging the data will be utilized and increased its lead generation. Leads are the qualified prospects who can become our customers. One of the solutions is the APIs Connection that can help to be blend with other elements such as information or data, transaction.



Fund Transfer

We facilitate payments to your customers with Krungsri capabilities in making domestic financial transactions. The API is designed for you to have a quick and secured service at your disposal for processing financial instruction for Krungsri deposit accounts anytime with ease.



Direct Debit Registration

In order for Krungsri to process financial instruction on deposited fund of your customer, a consent must be acquired in ensuring that customer allows such action from external party. Krungsri has a microsite that can be integrated into your application which allowing end-user to interact directly with Krungsri. End-user will be presented with the required term & condition and verifications before directing back to you.


Peer-to-Peer Cross Border Remittance

We offer a real-time API integration capability for cross border transfer from partner bank customer to the beneficiary at Krungsri or other banks in Thailand. Also, from the customer at Krungsri to the beneficiary at partner bank.
Our remittance APIs enables peer-to-peer remittance capability between partner bank and Krungsri, providing a faster service time and better experience to partner bank operation and partner customers



If your application has to store customer information for financial services such as bank account number; Krungsri also provides you with the capability in having that information be tokenized and securely stored at Krungsri. The provided token can be securely stored and used in place of real value where such information is needed.


Branch and Exchange Booth Location

You can request for location of various Krungsri point of services within a given distance from the point you specified. Simply let us know where your desired location is and distance from that given point; then leave the rest to us in letting you know if there is Krungsri point of services that matches your criteria


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Accounts Microservice Landscape is part of ‘Loans & Deposits’ business domain which serves as a fulfillment of a range of loan and deposit products.


Sales & Service

Sales & Service Microservice Landscape covers all marketing, business development, customer management and sales and servicing activities. It also includes all customer agreement related activities.


Consumer Services

Consumer Services Microservice Landscape brings together a number of services typically provided to consumer customers.



Payments Microservice Landscape groups the service domains supporting payment transactions, including the various connections to payment networks, central cash management and check processing.


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