Hi Developers, Welcome to Krungsri API Portal Our strong API foundations have given us an ability to deliver great customer experiences and we now want you to benefit from the Krungsri API as well. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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Explore what Krungsri APIs can serve your business by connecting Krungsri online banking

Converting credit limit of personal loan to Krungsri bank account

When your customers have credit limit and they request for cash advance. After you validate and approve the request, you can real-time disburse to your customers’ Krungsri account using Krungsri API.


Krungsri Branch Location

In search of nearest Krungsri point of services (i.e. Branch, ATM machine, and Foreign currency exchange booth), you are in luck ! Krungsri API makes that simple by letting you retrieve the information (e.g. opening hours and address) and location pinpoints to geographic coordinates for simpler navigation and ease of integration with navigation applications that your customer have on their device.


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Explore Kungsri API(Application Programming Interface) and see how they can fit to your business needed.


Accounts Microservice Landscape is part of ‘Loans & Deposits’ business domain which serves as a fulfillment of a range of loan and deposit products.


Sales & Service

Sales & Service Microservice Landscape covers all marketing, business development, customer management and sales and servicing activities. It also includes all customer agreement related activities.


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